I am Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the School of Management, University of Bath,  recognised as one of the top 100 professors of entrepreneurship.

  • Research enabling, accelerating, and funding the entrepreneurial journey in independent, corporate, and social settings.
  • Teach entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance, inspiring and equipping students with the mindset and skills for an entrepreneurial journey.
  • Consult both start-ups and established companies to facilitate the development of mindset and structures for innovative performance.
  • Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Business Venturing Insights, a forum for rapid dissemination of new research related to entrepreneurial phenomena.

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Sidestepping reason

Our inherent creativity and hopefulness – the urge and passion to try new things – are often deemed unreasonable. That is, it is impossible for others to see any point to them or they simply seem too far fetched. This reflects a pervasive genius-vs.-lunatic tension between the retrospective clarity of breakthroughs once they happen and […]

Holding the bag … of uncertainty

Every entrepreneurial project has a large degree of uncertainty that cannot be eliminated. The inability to foresee not only the outcomes of our actions, but also the consequences of those outcomes, and the meaning of those consequences represents an irreducible tension. The more we commit to one particular unfolding of the events ahead – with […]

Killing innovation softly: grades

As universities offer more and more entrepreneurship courses in their curricula, their ambition to promote innovative thinking runs against one of the pillars of academic provision, namely the measurement of academic achievement. When its power as a signal of quality is too significant to ignore, it becomes an end in its own right. In the […]

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This book engages readers in a conversation on the implicit assumptions of entrepreneurship and its action principles. It enables them to face the tensions of the entrepreneurial journey through reflective practice.

Research areas

Entrepreneurial process and opportunities

Social and sustainable entrepreneurship

Venture capital investing and performance

Organizational context for innovation performance