About me

I am Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the School of Management, University of Bath,  recognised as one of the top 100 professors of entrepreneurship.

I research the enabling, accelerating, and funding the entrepreneurial journey – from initial idea to viable venture – in independent, corporate, and social settings. I teach entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance, seeking to inspire students to embrace the entrepreneurial journey and equip them with the mindset and design and finance skills necessary to navigate it. I also work with both start-ups and established companies to facilitate the development of mindset and structures for innovative performance.

Prior to joining the University of Bath in 2012, I was on the faculties at Newcastle University (UK), the University of Connecticut (USA), and IE Business School (Spain). I have a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship from London Business School and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University (USA) and the CEU Graduate School of Business (Hungary). Prior to entering academia, I enjoyed a career in the hospitality industry, with Marriott International. My last position was finance director for two hotel businesses in Budapest, Hungary. Originally from Bulgaria, I have lived in Hungary, UK, Spain, and the US, and am fluent in Bulgarian, English, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, and German.

I am also Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Business Venturing Insights, a new journal that offers a forum for rapid dissemination of new research related to entrepreneurial phenomena.